Commercial Design Engineering
                                                       Mechanical Contractor 
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Colorado Springs
2710 Delta Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Phone: (719) 390-0555
Fax: (719)390-9448
Grand Junction, CO
1003 Winters Ave
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 245-0595
Fax: (970) 245-1015
Cheyenne, WY
2035 Westland Road
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: (307)638-8462
Fax: (307) 632-7017
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Commercial Design Engineering (CDE) has been providing contemporary and innovative heating, air conditioning and plumbing since 1975. We maintain offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Grand Junction, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.
CDE is a certified women owned business.
As CDE begins our 45th year we congratulate our professional men and women who continue to learn and expand their excellence and enthusiasm. John Garvelink, Executive Vice President, and I work with a dedicated and fantastic staff of individuals who maintain our three offices and our competent Top Notch plumbing and HVAC Team of experts. Together our goal at CDE is to accomplish each and every project maintaining Safety-with Quality-On Time Performance and Within Budget Performance.
CDE’s (BIM) BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING provides three broad phases of a project life cycle: Project Pre-Planning; Design & Construction; Operations & Maintenance. BIM is one of the most exciting, significant evolutions to the Mechanical and Construction Industry of the Century. Eventually BIM  will change virtually how everything and everyone works in collaboration to accomplish each owner’s enterprise: architects, contractors, subcontractors, and fabricators.


It is our guiding principle to be a user Friendly, Ethically Valued, Solution Oriented company. We care about our customer, employees and everyone related to the success of our projects.  CDE will always be in a people to people business and fulfill our motto:
"The only reason we are in Business is to create a happy customer!".
CDE looks forward to working with you!!
Mary Garvelink, PhD, h.c.
Mary Garvelink, President of Commercial Design Engineering, Ltd., received an Honorary Doctorate of Business and Industry from her alma mater, Ferris State University in 2017.